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Company profile

Work Organization

Gen. Manager: Mladen Živković

Software/Hardware: Daltek

Financial dept.: LS by Laura Stipčić

Work is organized using the Project Planning Technique. The work progress is presented in form of a diagram, showing its start, duration and finish. Once agreed upon with the Customer, the schedule is followed very strictly.

Principal Fields of Activity

The principal fields of activity of ADRIAOBLIK are as follows:

  • Technical documentation for ship and off-shore (WSD)
  • 3D modells of piping, ventilation, cable runs, supports,foundation
  • Technical consulting assistance during all phases of work period
  • Documentation for piping and relevant supports after “Stress analysis” calculations
  • Estimates for work orders in the field of ship equipments


In addition to traditional handed-drawn documentation staff of ADRIAOBLIK uses graphic software (Bentley-Microstation-Smartpipe, Bentley-Microstation-Plantspace, Autocad, ZW-Cad, Tribon, Foran, Naviswork) and office software (Microsoft Office).


Typical Documentation

Documents offered by ADRIAOBLIK are made following all regulations and standards requested by the Shipowner.
Documents offered by ADRIAOBLIK are listed below:

  • Coordination plans into and out power plant (pipes, cableways, ventilation, air-conditioning, switch boards, etc.)
  • Coordination plans within hotel areas (passenger compartments, cruise ship, off-shore)
  • Assembling plans for piping, machinery, ventilation
  • “As-built” plans
  • Land-based plants design and installation documentation
  • Assembling plans for ladders, gratings, supports and equipment foundations
  • Coordination and assembling plans around drilling and production area (off-shore)
  • Material specification lists
  • Various documentation upon request

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